Autumn in the Country

I love the new colors I see out the back door. Autumn in the country is a beautiful time of year. There is a lot of falling leaves to take care of I don’t mind burning the leaves, but as for raking, that is always a challenge. We have twenty three acres, but we only rake around the house, I can’t imagine raking more. But I chose country living so I will put up with the leaves. 2014-10-19 15.40.06 HDR
There is never a time here in the country when you can’t find something to do. I enjoy baking and cooking I have never been one to follow recipes but I do enjoy watching cooking shows then I take what they do and remake with my own spin on it.
I have been putting off going out to work on my signs; it has been so rainy today. I make rustic signs from old barn boards. I really enjoy working with wood I get so involved with a project I forget the time. Usually my husband has to come get me when he is hungry so I can go fix dinner. When I get an order for a sign I get engrossed and just can’t wait for the customers’ reaction. The old barn boards change so much when the top gets sanded; they go from old and grey to a beautiful finish. It is a pleasure to give the boards to customers. 2014-09-13 12.50.41
I love playing with our two dogs Zephyr and Pepper. They are so comical they love chasing each other and chasing anything you can find to throw their way. The rain never stops them from wanting to go outside and having fun. Pepper was digging a hole in the yard; I think he was trying to find a mole. He decided to come in and now my house is like a race track on race day. Muddy foot prints everywhere.

Zepher and Pepper coming in from the rain

Zepher and Pepper coming in from the rain

Well between raking the leaves, chasing the dogs and working on my barn board signs I think this country girl has here day fully planned. Did I mention cooking dinner?

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