Slow day in the Country

Today the rain is coming down in buckets. Looks like a day to make bread.  I use a home made kefir  to make  sour dough starter, I then put in some chia seeds and cashew butter. I have tried to make recipes with great fiber and grains, because bread has a lot of carbs,  I put in nutritious ingredients so It looses some of guilty feeling of eating bread.

I saw a recipe online where you take small chunks of a store bought uncooked bread and put them in the bottom of a pan, then you add chicken , vegetables, and a white sauce, on top.   I thought I would make the same thing with some of the dough I make today, I have some chicken, celery, onion, which I will sauté, then add it to the dough in the pan with some frozen peas and corn, I will pour a white sauce ( I make mine from a rue, with mushroom soup and milk) over the top and bake for 30 min at 350*.  We will have enough for dinner tonight and leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
It is so peaceful here in the country time seems to not have the value it does in the city. I heed to be out working on my barn board signs, but I will wait for a break in the rain. I enjoy making the signs and the barn that the boards come from is over 100 years old and I am preserving a part of history while making something beautiful in the process.

Derek and Agnes

Derek and Agnes

Thunder through the night made it hard to sleep.  The dogs were constantly barking wanting to go out and find what was making all the noise.  At least today it is just raining. The dogs need to get out and play even if the rain is just on a break.

Zepher and Pepper

Zepher and Pepper

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