Country roads

Halloween is fast approaching and it has been fun seeing all the new costumes this year.  I was telling my husband I remember drawing a face on a brown paper sack when I was a kid and that was my costume. I had three siblings so we were a family of bag heads.  My husband said he would take a white sheet and cut two holes for eyes and make a ghost costume, he was a ghost  every year, it was sure cheap and we always seemed to have lots of fun and our pillow cases got filled with more candy than we needed.  We used our imaginations for our costumes and our parents made popcorn balls and Carmel apples to give out as treats.  Can you imagine if someone’s child  was to come home with a homemade treat nowadays?  Strait to the garbage can.  My grandkids all live in communities’ where there are lots of houses to trick or treat at so they will get tons of candy, and all will be gone through by their parents to make sure it is safe before the get to eat it.   We live so far out in the country we don’t even get one trick or treator.

It is getting a little cold here with fall definitely in the air, summer left so fast I find myself wanting to turn the  electric heater on but still wanting to put off that bill for as long as possible.  I love wood heat and almost tempted to build a fire in the stove.

Cold weather always makes me want some hot soup and I just happen to have a butternut squash, so I  made some Butternut soup for dinner.  It turned out so good, I put onion,yellow pepper,red pepper, zucchini, and of course butternut squash in a sauté pan and let simmer until everything was soft then added salt and pepper with some seasoned black bean paste.

2014-10-29 07.32.01

If you have little ones looking forward to Halloween keep them close and safe and remember to check their goodies. Keep warm and hopefully cook some hearty soup.

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