Cancer Awarness Month

I know my blog is about country living but this one time I want to get real serious about a topic no one wants to think will ever happen to them.
Because October is cancer awareness month I thought it would be a good time to write a short story about my experience with the dreaded disease.

Cancer survivor

Cancer survivor

It has been a little over a year ago now when I first got the diagnosis of breast cancer. I went in for a routine yearly checkup which included a mammogram. The doctor called and told me there was something found and sent me for an ultra-sound. The following week I went in for a biopsy. Two days later I get a call from a surgeon and oncologist. That was around 10:00 am, around 5:00 pm I get a call from my doctor, she says she has some bad news for me and would like me to come in to her office. I said “the biopsy came back and it was malignant right”? She said I was right but didn’t like to talk about it over the phone. I told her I had received phone calls earlier that morning from a surgeon’s office and oncologist wanting to set appointments so I figured it was malignant. She so was very apologetic and said she had only called them earlier that morning and didn’t expect them to get to me so fast. I was in a little shock, but told her I would make appointments soon.
That was late August last year, when I found out about the cancer. I had a lobectomy in September. I was one of the lucky ones they got all the cancer. I didn’t have to go through chemo, but I did have 29 days of Radiation that left me quite burnt and more than a little protective of my breast. After completion of Radiation it took around three or four weeks for the burns to go away.
It has been about a year now and looking back on it everything went so fast that I really had no time to dwell on the what ifs. I know it was very hard on my family and friends, harder than it was for me. I decided to take everything one day at a time and followed all the doctors instructions. You hear so much about cancer but you never think it could happen to you. It never even occurred to me that I was in the middle of one of life’s biggest battles. While no one is ever totally free of cancer, I am hoping to keep it at a very far distance.
I am so very thankful my cancer got detected early and for all the people who had a hand in my journey from doctors to family and friends.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have to go through this not just to the person with cancer, but to all who love them. As in every journey in life we are not an island and what we go through affects all who love us.

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