Deer in the Orchard

Deer in the Orchard


2014-10-30 18.05.18

deer in orchard

deer in orchard

My husband was anxious for me to come to the window last night because  deer had come all the way to the porch steps.  I told him to take a picture, by the time I got to the window and was able to get the picture,  the deer had moved out to the apple tree and had started eating the apples.  They are so pretty the picture doesn’t do them justice.  I think the dogs scared them because as soon as I got my pictures they ran away.  Unfortunately it was getting dark and the pictures don’t show their beauty.

Sweet and russet potato pancakes

Sweet Potato and Russet Potato Pancakes

Sweet Potato and Russet Potato Pancakes

2 medium russet potatoes   1 medium sweet potato or yam  2 eggs

1/3c olive oil  1c flour  1/2t salt  1/2t baking soda

Cut potatoes in 1 inch cubes and put in blender.  Add eggs and olive oil, blend until texture of smoothie.  Put mixture in a bowl and add flour salt and baking soda.

Heat pan till hot then add about a table spoon of oil.  Fry potato cakes as you would a regular pancake, turning when cake has bubbled up or you can see it has cooked half through.

These can be served with syrup if you like them sweet or as my family prefers with mango salsa.

These are made using a sweet potato, but a cup and a half of cubed pumpkin would easily substitute for the sweet potato.  The recipe made around 20 cakes using a large table spoon of batter. You could make about 10 regular 5 inch pancakes.

Having deer in the orchard is not a new thing, but having them walk up to the porch is pretty rare here with the dogs barking all the time.  I love seeing all the wild life around, but really partial to deer.  I hope you do try the potato pancakes, they are very easy to make and a good alternative to regular pancakes.  Enjoy your day and always be kind to yourself and others.

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