We still have a lot of apples left on the trees that the deer haven’t found a way to eat and the bear haven’t found a way to knock down, so I thought I would make some more apple juice if my daughter wanted some. I called her and ask her if she wanted some and she said she would love some Shrug I had no idea what shrug was so I looked it up on the internet and it seemed pretty easy to make, so I am making my first ever batch of shrug.
The recipe I found called for equal parts shredded apple, sugar, and vinegar. You shred the apple then add the sugar stir until well mixed. You put the sugar and apple mix in the refrigerator for 24 hours. When you take it out you add the vinegar. Mix well and strain the mixture being to get all the syrup from the apples. Bottle it and that is Shrug. It is suppose to keep very well in the refrigerator. Since this is my first attempt at it I will keep some for myself and see how long it stays good. Although with all that vinegar it should keep a very long time.
I have a sign to finish today for a customer and a couple others in the start up process of getting them sanded so I can get the engraving done. Finding just the right size board for the sign is so fun. I always try to visualize what the end product will look like. It is a pretty great feeling when the customer shows so much enthusiasm for something made from wood that is over one hundred years old.

Victor ,Crystal, and Gaby

Victor ,Crystal, and Gaby

Today will be spent doing what I love, cooking and working on signs. Later my husband wants to go for a ride in the country. Sounds like a pretty good Sunday.

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