Awesome Halloween Costumes

I have seen some pretty awesome Halloween costumes lately, of family and many other children dressed up in fun costumes. A lot of thought went into some of the homemade ones; a couple really stand out in my mind.  There were a couple kids that looked to be five or six dressed as a little old woman and man pushing walkers. That post is among the more memorable, there was a baby dressed as Larry the cable guy with a hat that said “Git er done” made me laugh. My personal favorite was of my granddaughter dressed as a ninja the look on her face is priceless.

Halloween Ninja

Halloween Ninja

I enjoyed looking at the many photos posted, even had some adult costumes that were rather humorous.  Living so far out here in the country we don’t get any trick or treating ghost or goblins so it is fun to see the posts  on Facebook.  I do miss that part of city living, but I wouldn’t trade living here in the country for it. I will just have to get my fill of cute costumes on Facebook.

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