Kids Quote

Have a funny story to tell as I am sure everyone has one that sticks in their memory…

Back in the seventies, we lived next door to a family with five kids. Their middle child Scott went to school one day and this teacher had the class stand, put their hands over their heart and say the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Scott stood with the rest of the class and recited the pledge of allegiance but, when it came to the part where you put your hand over your heart he put his hand on the top of his head. The teacher came to him and told him to put his hand over his heart  Scott said he was, and when the teacher told him where his heart was located and where to put his hand he replied “no, my Grandma always puts her hand on top of my head and says bless your little heart.”

That humorous little story has stayed with me through the years. Scott is grown up now, I wonder if he still remembers this story


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