Change- Is it really coming?

As I am writing this  listening to the talking heads going on about the elections, how one party wins and we will see change.   Now things will get done!  Or so they say.

I hate to be the skeptic but it seems to me that every election we hear the same rhetoric about how someone will change things when they arrive in office. Then when they actually get in office we have to hear about how bad their personal lives are and regardless of what good they are trying to do for our country the media focuses on the irrelevant items in their personal life.

We really want these people to go to bat and change the bad things in our lives we don’t want to know or hear about their personal lives. They have jobs to do.  They need to focus on the jobs they are being paid to do.    Our nation is a leader; we are Americans and live in this United States.  We pay a lot of taxes to be able to live in this country of freedom.  We want to feel our families are safe, well fed, live in comfortable homes, have jobs, and know that the people setting in  offices of high importance speaking on behalf of the people that live here are doing their jobs  not just a media show.

When someone  gets elected and serves our country they don’t receive praise and respect from the media. If you chose to be  put your life out there for the whole world to see, prepare to be judged.  You are not a boss and the American people are not your employees.  The American people are your boss and will be keeping an eye on everything you do.  So it is up to you as newly elected to jump in and stand up for us.  We want to keep our life, liberty, and continue the pursuit of happiness.

I really do hope to see change, I know for my household I would like  life to be a little easier,  I get real frustrated with everyone playing the blame game and nothing really getting done.  If we just pay them for their accomplishments I think more would be accomplished.

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