Collage Attempt

So this is my first attempt at a photo collage. I  love pictures and always appreciate the wonderful pictures taken by other people,  I never feel like the ones I take turn out like the way I want them to.  I have taken a lot of pictures of my three kids and five grandkids.   There’s a ton of pictures stored in albums and boxes, that need  scanned to my computer.   Here is a small collection of my oldest daughter I included one of her son and daughter also.

The picture in the right corner  of her in green pajamas  is one of my favorite pictures  she was collecting money and cards from her dads card game  the previous night. She thought she was being sneaky and really getting away with something.  That the look on her face when she got caught was priceless.

Collage picture

This is my first attempt to put a few pictures together in a collage , I  love seeing them all in one picture. It sure makes a unique new picture. So fun to look at them all together.   She was a gorgeous little girl.  Would love to have that time back, but I am thankful for the pictures and memories to look back on.   She is a beautiful woman today with  two beautiful children of her own that of course are my grandchildren that I get to take a lot more pictures of.

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