One Tough Goodbye

I always hear from people with family in other states; how much they miss their grandchildren. I felt sad for them, because I have always been very fortunate my family lives within an hour and a half from me and we are very blessed to have the opportunity to get together every holiday and birthday.

That is until now, my fourteen year old grandson is moving to Wyoming.   At this time I am having a very hard time dealing with the separation. This precious angel has been a light and joy in our lives since birth, he has lived close and we were able to have him here in the country as often as we wanted.  Now we will only be able to see each other on Skype and Facebook.

In his world he is excited to see new things meet new people start a new school, make new friends. To him change is good, to me; the grandma left behind change is lousy.

While I encourage him to enjoy his new life, I want him to remember his family here in Washington any time he gets lonely he can find this post on line and remember how very loved he is.

As he leaves to start his new life in another State there is so many people left behind that will miss him. Here is just a small collection of family that will keep him in their thoughts.


Of course we will miss you  Jordan, we will look forward to hearing from you and skypeing with you.   Never forget we are only a phone call away and if you need us we will be here for you.  Enjoy everything about your new life in Wyoming.  I love you and will miss you.

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