House of Moss

Years ago in fact many, many, years ago when my two sisters and brother had a day off from school our mom would tell the four of us to go out and play and she didn’t want to see us until dark.

We always made an adventure of our days. We would go into the woods and play house. My older sister was the mom and I was the dad. My brother was the son and my younger sister was the baby. We would play for hours. We would make our house using limbs and moss for room borders. We left spaces for doors in the middle of our walls. We would make our beds from leaves covered in moss.  We had a pretend kitchen, bathroom and living room.  We would go into the woods and pretend to go  shopping in certain meadow that was our store.

It is funny how I have no memories of arguments or fighting, I only remember having a good time and always being sad when the time came to leave our pretend home and return to our real home.

Cheney Kids Betty and Kathy

Over the years we have stayed close I wonder if they remember our house of moss that became our happy home.

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