Surrounded By Fog

Today is starting out slow, I  want to get outside and mow the yard but, it is cold outside and our whole place is suffocated by fog.

It makes everything look eerie, a good place for one of those scary movies where the swamp thing comes walking up through the field streaming with vines and muck.

surrounded by fog

The dogs don’t seem to care, as they ran off chasing some unknown creatures existing only to them.surrounded by fog

Last night the moon was beautiful, it was bright and stars were out. I really thought we were in for another day of sunshine.
Full Moon

It isn’t too late, perhaps the sun will shine this afternoon. Maybe it will bring a little heat with it.
The lawn needs one more cutting before winter. My plan for the day is to cut the lawn, if the weather cooperates but as the say man makes plans and God smiles. 

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