My most cherished posession Time

Living in a world where material things are treasured and everyone having wants and desires. New cars, houses, vacations in exotic places, best new gadget that comes on the market.  My most valued and cherished possession is time.  Time spent with family and friends enjoying their company and time spent alone enjoying solitude.

My sister’s best friend passed a couple of weeks ago from cancer. Her last day was spent taking care of her friends and family. She woke in the morning before anyone else and cooked breakfast for them.  Throughout the day she took everyone aside and told them how much she loved and appreciated them and then she told them good bye.  After she had said her good byes she went in and laid down to rest.  She passed away two hours later.  Her time was done and she knew it had come she was ready to meet her maker and her good byes were said on her timeline.

When I first heard I had cancer, my first thought was how much time I had to live.  Probably everyone’s thought at that time.  It makes you look within yourself and find out what you really value in this life.  The possessions you accumulate while here in this life aren’t important anymore.  The most valued commodity is time.

So far I am one of the lucky ones; the doctors say they removed all the cancer and hopefully I won’t pass from that particular disease; however we are not guaranteed any certain amount of days here on earth.  We are only promised today and for today I choose to spend my time with family and friends and walking around this beautiful property with my dogs.


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