Veterans Day Thank You

On this day we choose to honor our veterans who protect us every day of the year. Our world is in so much turmoil; freedom depends on the  men and women who choose to serve our country in the armed forces. While it is good to focus on our Veterans that passed away this Veterans’ Day there are so many still fighting the fight and need our prayers.

I have a nephew who served in Desert Storm Iraq whom I am very proud of and the time he spent in the Marines I have a niece who served in the Air Force, she was also in Desert Storm and I am so proud of her too. I am among those who have no idea what  happens when the call comes to go to war, but I do know the feeling of terror that family members go through when a loved one has to go off to another country to fight and you don’t know if they are going to return home safely.    .

My heart goes out to the family’s left behind while their sons, daughters, fathers, brothers, mothers, spouses, go face the unknown in other countries, they live in fear for their loved ones safety every day.

Veterans Day




Thank you, to those who have family members who served and did not make it home to you. Thank you to those who are still among us may God richly bless you in your daily lives and keep you safe. To those fighting in foreign countries I pray for your safety, and for the ones that have served and are now returning to their lives here I pray for easy adaptation back into life here at home.

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