The Sound of Music


The Sound of Music has always been a favorite movie of mine,  Julie Andrews is such a wonderful actress and although the names of the other actors don’t come to memory, the show was a real classic. The songs like the Hills are alive with the sound of music bring so much joy when you hear them.

The Sound of Music has been re-enacted many times over the years in plays around the country and I have always wanted to see it.   My sister called me Saturday and invited me to go to a play with her. Her Grandson who is my nephew was going to be in a play and thought I might like to go with her and her daughter to see it.

The Centralia high school drama club put on The Sound of Music play in Corbet Hall at Centralia College. My nephew played a Nazi and he along with the rest of the cast did a wonderful job with the play.  The singers were fabulous; I especially enjoyed the children singing.  The band that accompanied the play did a great job also; they were a joy to listen to.   The play took around two hours and was well worth the price of entrance.   I am really looking forward to the next play this group of actors do.  They are awesome and can only get better.

Thank you to my sister for the wonderful evening and invite to the play The Sound Of Music. I really enjoyed the play and  dinner at Casa Ramos.

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