Old Man Winter Has An Ugly Face

The color out side is completely white, not from snow but from frost. Everywhere you look everything there is a dusting of white  ice.  It makes the trees and grass look so pretty but deceitfully painful with the cold it has to offer.   The thermometer reads twenty degrees outside.  That is such a quick drop in temperature there was no time to acclimatize,  it was straight from shorts to long johns.

The dogs Zephyr and Pepper heard a noise so they  wanted out, to inspect what they had heard.  They were only out  about five minutes when they were scratching at the door wanting to come back inside.  Pepper the smaller of the two went straight to the heater to warn himself up he was  shivering so hard  you would have thought they had been out for an hour.

It was  definitely a day to crank up the heater;  It is taking awhile for the house to heat up, the inside temperature has gone from 52 degrees to  64 degrees but it has taken about an hour and half. I will make sure the heater stays on tonight it looks like this is the start of winter, I think we are in for a cold one.

As I sit here in front of my computer complaining about  the cold and turning up the heat to stay warm I  can’t help but think about all the many people out there with no place to call home and who have had to suffer out in the elements with not so much as a blanket to keep warm.  There are a lot of missions providing shelter to the homeless that are fortunate enough  to get a bed, but for the ones who have not found their way to the shelters I pray some kind  person will find them  and offer a blanket or warm coat.  My heart goes out to them and I pray they will find shelter from the cold.

I am grateful for the roof over my head and a place to call home.  I am grateful for my dogs to keep me company on this cold day, I pray  those  looking for shelter from the cold will find one.   God has promised he would be a shelter in the storm.

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