Don’t kiss it yet

Children and grandchildren

Every child has fallen down and gotten hurt; I hope you can relate to this little story that happened when my youngest daughter was around one. At the age when learning to walk is a challenge, she was walking around the living room and fell she started to cry, but to make her get up and continue walking I told her to come to mommy so I could kiss the boo-boo and make it go away.

She got up and came over to me, she was still crying some, but, the funny part was my oldest daughter who was around three and a half came running over and excitedly said with all sincerity “Don’t kiss it yet mommy I want to see it before it goes away”.

It is amazing the total faith our children have in us at that age, they look to us for love and guidance to shape and direct their lives so they grow becoming warm loving adults.

When we give our children good foundations they pay it forward to their children. When a child feels loved they return love. It is little children who teach us every day how to love.

We experience love as parents and grandparents, my heart burst with love joy and happiness because of the love from the children in my life.

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