Out of the mouths Of Babes

Years ago when my son was around seven or eight my husband was out in the front yard building a fence.  My son decided  to go out and help my  husband work on the fence.  My husband wanting to get the fence level of course, was measuring the boards so he would get a perfect cut, when my son asked him why he had to measure the wood before he cut it.  My husband understanding the importance of these life lessons explained the importance to him to get everything to fit right you had to measure the wood.  My son took  off and my husband thought he had just went off to play.

A  couple of hours later my son came back to find his dad and took  him to the back yard.  My son proudly showed his dad a fort he had built and said  ” See dad, you don’t need to measure the wood,  you can build stuff just with a hammer nail and wood and it turns out fine”   He had taken wood pieces of all sizes and nailed them to a tree branch and made a fort.  My husband  couldn’t help but chuckle  but, not wanting to say anything to hurt his feeling he told my son what a  great job he had done, and he guessed you could build stuff without measuring .

My husband had a very hard time telling me that story later that night, he was laughing, but he was very proud of the way our son had thought out how he was going to build his fort and he carried it through  by himself  at such a young age.

Yes, my husband still measures his projects and he still builds things,  and no,my son doesn’t build much these days,he is more into projects done by computer, but when he does, I’m betting he chooses to measure things these days.

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