Soups for cold weather

Two of my favorite soups for cold weather are Minestrone and Hearty Potato, I used to love when as kids we would come home from school and my mom would have hot soup waiting on the stove for us. It took the chill of the day away. I am not sure of the recipe she used, so I created  these to as close as I could come to her recipe as I could. They are a close resemblance and they taste very good also.  I don’t follow a precise recipe, and I always end up with a large pan full and there is always left overs which is good for my husband can take it for lunch.

The first one is the Minestrone:

Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup

It takes carrots, cabbage,celery,diced tomatoes,beans and pasta. for spice, a little onion flake, garlic, salt,pepper,chili powder,the seasoning is to taste. I prefer a little spicier and my husband likes mild, so I make it mild and add hot sauce to my own.

The next one is hearty Potato

Hearty Potato

Hearty Potato

It takes potato, onion, celery,kale,chicken flavor,I add milk or cream to flour,corn starch,and water to thicken the soup. The seasoning is the chicken bouillon, pepper and celery seed.

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