Scissors in The Hands of Babes

With the television playing one of his favorite Super hero shows; my grandson was quiet in the living room and I thought he was just enjoying the movie.  I was quite unaware that while he cuddled up under a blanket he had a pair of scissors.   He  not only cut up the bottom of the shirt he was wearing, he also cut up the cape on his brothers super hero toy and part of his favorite blanket.

As I was only babysitting, when , his mom came home and  I thought boy is he gonna get it, He ran into his bedroom because he thought he was in for it also.  She went in and told him “honey I’m not mad at you, but you need to remember that we only use those scissors for cutting paper at the table okay?”  She handled the situation so much better with her son than I did with her …

When she was around three, I gave a hair cut to her older sister and her dad, she did ask if she could have her hair cut too, but she had beautiful long thick hair that hung clear down her back and looked perfect on her so I said no she didn’t need a hair cut.

After I got done cutting my husbands’  hair I went to use the bathroom, however I found the door wouldn’t open, I asked what was going on in there and my youngest daughter told me she was going to the bathroom.  I pushed on the door a little and she was standing at the door not letting me in.  When I  opened the door I found two foot strands of beautiful long blond hair all over the bathroom floor, I of course started crying, what have you done to your beautiful hair, she then told me in a shaky voice “I told you I was going to the bathroom.”

We had to take her to the beauty shop to have her hair fixed and for the longest time she had long hair in the back but, because of how thick her hair was the front of her looked like a puffy  ball.

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