Bear In The Orchard



Bear in the Orchard

Bear in the Orchard

Looking out the back door I saw apples falling from a tree in the deepest part of the orchard. As I looked I saw a very large black bundle that looked like a bear, I called my husband to go check it out; what he found was a mamma bear and her three cubs. The cubs were up in the tree breaking branches and knocking apples to the ground while the mamma was just eating them as fast as they fell. While I am not afraid of most creatures of the woods, like deer, I kept my distance from the black bear and let my husband take the pictures.  He tried hard being  quiet as he could and got a few pictures before he got detected.
The mamma must have heard  or smelled  my husband because she lifted her head, looked around and took off toward the woods, she waited at the edge of the forest for her three cubs to catch up and they disappeared into the woods.

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