Yard Bird story

Girls Christmas

Girls Christmas

Everyone in the Pacific North West has a story or two to tell about an icon named Yard Birds. It was a very large department store located in South West Washington. You could count on meeting your relatives and friends there whenever you went shopping. You were able to find anything and everything you were looking for and the staff was always helpful.

The story I have to tell is a personal one, when our daughter was young around four or five she loved to go in and out of the clothes racks. We got used to it and until she disappeared for more than a few minutes we never worried about it. Then we get a call over the loud speaker asking us to come upstairs to the customer service desk and pick up our daughter. Of course we are panicked and run to get to her thinking she would be scared and crying, but, no she was sitting in a chair eating a sucker and smiling, feeling just fine.

A couple of weeks later we were back at Yard Birds visiting with some friends, we had both daughters with us a four year old and two year old and the two year old had been safe in a stroller. We get a call over the loud speaker asking us to come up to customer service and pick up our two daughters. We run up the stairs afraid some customer had taken them, or thought our girls were lost, we get up there and we are so thankful the girls are OK, as we see both of them setting in chairs eating suckers. Turns out our older daughter was a little smarter than expected, she convinced our younger daughter she knew where to go to get a sucker and they ran up the stairs and told the receptionist they were lost and could they please have a sucker.

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