Heartwarming Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at our house is probably like it is everywhere, lots of food, family and football. We were fortunate to gather at our middle daughter’s home this year for the festivities. There was tons of food to eat including food for every pallet. Some family members are Vegan, and some need to eat sugar free.

I enjoyed cooking this year, I brought turkey, and however, no one wanted the traditional turkey this year so I bought a turkey and put the breast through the meat grinder and made a meatloaf from the breast meat. I removed the wings and legs along with the thighs and baked them separate. I cooked the caress with onions, celery and carrots to make a broth for the gravy. We brought mashed potatoes, both with sour cream and without for the vegans. Fruit salad and deviled eggs round out our contribution this year.

There was stuffed mushrooms with wild rice, and eggplant tort, two different mac and cheeses, a couple of green salad, and green beans. Of course pies for dessert. I can’t imagine anyone going away hungry, in fact, most went away without dessert.

We ended up taking two of my Grandsons home with us and the oldest said he was very disappointed with thanksgiving this year because he didn’t get any real turkey. I told him I had just the thing, I showed him the Turkey legs I had cooked and stored in the fridge. He was so happy; he finally got to have real turkey.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone got to enjoy their favorite food and beverages along with games and football.  Now that that is over we get to look forward to all the other holiday festivities coming our way.

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