This Old Barn

I have always loved old barns. I grew up in a small town, or perhaps you would call it a country side, there wasn’t much of a town a post office and a gas station. But the place me and my siblings would call home was the beautiful farm home of my aunt. I recall milking goats and watching others milk cows. There was a huge Barn there that had a loft in it and we used to stack hay bales and jump from the loft to the hay bales it was so entertaining, we never knew we were missing out on television or video games. Life was so much simpler then.

We moved into the place we live now around nine years ago. There was a beautiful barn on the property and I have to admit it was a large part of the attraction to the property.

Our Barn

Our Barn

Since we moved in, we have had a couple of real bad snow storms and this barn that has stood on this property for over one hundred years decided it had stood all the weather it could stand. First one side fell down the last year the entire front of the barn caved in. It is a very sad thing to see it go like it did, but, now I am making barn board signs and saving a piece of history. Our once majestic barn is now nothing but a huge pile of boards.

barn Boards

barn Boards

barn boards

barn boards

It would be interesting to see if it could be made into a pole barn of some kind; the large beams are still standing and intact. I miss the beautiful barn.

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