Christmas Time is the most Beautiful Time

Life is full of hustle all the time, but at Christmas time it is more so. There are people everywhere; the spirit of Christmas is in the air and the many heartfelt good wishes from everyone all the time seems to make the air light up with wonder.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. There is such an air of giving and people have better attitudes they seem so much happier.

The beautiful lights and decorations are everywhere and it just so beautiful, it makes me want to hug everyone and tell them life is good and full of blessings. It is even fun to watch the kids change as they get older and go from being happy to play with the wrapping paper to wanting to be the one who passes out presents.

Time passes so fast, I love looking back at Christmas’s that have gone by and remembering the joy in the faces of the small children on Christmas.

At this time of year I wish for everyone a joyous Holiday and a Blessed time always.

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