Children are most precious

I started this blog at the end of October and also started a fan page on FaceBook. I have posted many blogs and quite a few posts since then, however of all the writings so far one has stood out among people as far as how it was received. I am sure it is because it speaks to the hearts of people and I have decided to put it in a blog and see what our blogging community thinks of it and see what kind of feedback it gets.



It is interesting to me how far and wide this has gone, It has received a few comments about how children are not innocent, but for the most part the response has been in agreement with the poster. I would really like to hear from my fellow bloggers and see what your thoughts are on this, I am enjoying making the pictures with the sayings on them and am very curious why one goes viral and others just get five or six hundred reaches.

Learning a lot and your comments are always a big help.


One thought on “Children are most precious

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