Real Estate as a New Career

I have recently received my license as a Real Estate Agent,  that is my New Career.  Rustic Borders has been a great place for a blog post where I have shared recipes and small stories about my life and adventures here on Langabeer rd, but, I am switching to a New Career in Real Estate so I will be posting about  houses and new relationships with both people who are looking to sell their homes and those that are looking to buy a new home.

Kathy 2017-4

I am meeting so many new people as I progress in this new career. Real Estate is something I have always wanted to pursue and I look forward to all the adventures that lie ahead.  I enjoy meeting new people and the excitement they get from purchasing their new home fills me with so much joy.

I have enjoyed posting all the memes and posters on here, and I will continue with some that touch my heart in the hope that they touch yours as well, I will also post homes that are beautiful, and hopefully some that are for sale also.


When someone has the opportunity to purchase their dream home I am hoping to do interviews with them and post their new home here.  This will be a great adventure everyday brings new knowledge and everyday I meet new people.

Dear Neighbor

If you are thinking of selling or buying a home, now is the time, prices are going up on homes, and the interest rates are still pretty low, so give me a call and we will get the ball rolling on your new adventure

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Today is Irreplaceable

Hard to believe that 2014 is about to come to a close and a New Year is almost upon us. Have no regrets about yesterday because honestly there is nothing to be done about it. All of the focus needs to be on today. No matter your dream of tomorrow, if you neglect today you have wasted a valuable resource that is irreplaceable. Tomorrow may never come so live your dream today.

life is short

life is short

Love Your Life

Whether you live in the country or the city find something to make your life enjoyable. Time goes by so fast, and yesterday will never come around again. Live today with importance because today is all you have. Everyone has their battles to fight and win. You never fail as long as you keep up the good fight.



Yard Bird story

Girls Christmas

Girls Christmas

Everyone in the Pacific North West has a story or two to tell about an icon named Yard Birds. It was a very large department store located in South West Washington. You could count on meeting your relatives and friends there whenever you went shopping. You were able to find anything and everything you were looking for and the staff was always helpful.

The story I have to tell is a personal one, when our daughter was young around four or five she loved to go in and out of the clothes racks. We got used to it and until she disappeared for more than a few minutes we never worried about it. Then we get a call over the loud speaker asking us to come upstairs to the customer service desk and pick up our daughter. Of course we are panicked and run to get to her thinking she would be scared and crying, but, no she was sitting in a chair eating a sucker and smiling, feeling just fine.

A couple of weeks later we were back at Yard Birds visiting with some friends, we had both daughters with us a four year old and two year old and the two year old had been safe in a stroller. We get a call over the loud speaker asking us to come up to customer service and pick up our two daughters. We run up the stairs afraid some customer had taken them, or thought our girls were lost, we get up there and we are so thankful the girls are OK, as we see both of them setting in chairs eating suckers. Turns out our older daughter was a little smarter than expected, she convinced our younger daughter she knew where to go to get a sucker and they ran up the stairs and told the receptionist they were lost and could they please have a sucker.

I Choose To Be Thankful

I may not live in a big beautiful house or drive the latest model car, but I have family that loves me and I have a friend that I know I can count on in times of trouble, I can truly say I am at a place in my life that I no longer yearn for the things that my neighbor has, as long as I have a roof over my head and my tummy is full my focus is on what I can do for my family and friends to make their lives better. I am Thankful for the life I have been given. Each day I strive to improve myself. No one is perfect, no one can claim they to know everything; As long as I strive to learn something new each day my journey of life is full and happy.
Life is full of Wonder

This world is so full of turmoil, everywhere you look someone is in need; not enough love, not enough money, not enough food.  No ones life is perfect, no one has every thing they need in this life. If you are grateful for the things you do have you will always receive more. If you don’t show gratitude for what you have, having more won’t improve your situation in life. We are living in a time when so many people are under the impression they’re entitled to every thing.  In life if we  only look for our own comforts, and not share with others we live a lonely existence .
You never hear from people who give food to the hungry that they had to go without food or if someone rises to the occasion to help someone in need it always comes back to them.

Peace and Tranquility

I choose being thankful for the life I have been given;  having an attitude of gratitude,  freely giving unto others  I know giving makes your richer and more blessed than receiving.

Old Man Winter Has An Ugly Face

The color out side is completely white, not from snow but from frost. Everywhere you look everything there is a dusting of white  ice.  It makes the trees and grass look so pretty but deceitfully painful with the cold it has to offer.   The thermometer reads twenty degrees outside.  That is such a quick drop in temperature there was no time to acclimatize,  it was straight from shorts to long johns.

The dogs Zephyr and Pepper heard a noise so they  wanted out, to inspect what they had heard.  They were only out  about five minutes when they were scratching at the door wanting to come back inside.  Pepper the smaller of the two went straight to the heater to warn himself up he was  shivering so hard  you would have thought they had been out for an hour.

It was  definitely a day to crank up the heater;  It is taking awhile for the house to heat up, the inside temperature has gone from 52 degrees to  64 degrees but it has taken about an hour and half. I will make sure the heater stays on tonight it looks like this is the start of winter, I think we are in for a cold one.

As I sit here in front of my computer complaining about  the cold and turning up the heat to stay warm I  can’t help but think about all the many people out there with no place to call home and who have had to suffer out in the elements with not so much as a blanket to keep warm.  There are a lot of missions providing shelter to the homeless that are fortunate enough  to get a bed, but for the ones who have not found their way to the shelters I pray some kind  person will find them  and offer a blanket or warm coat.  My heart goes out to them and I pray they will find shelter from the cold.

I am grateful for the roof over my head and a place to call home.  I am grateful for my dogs to keep me company on this cold day, I pray  those  looking for shelter from the cold will find one.   God has promised he would be a shelter in the storm.

Veterans Day Thank You

On this day we choose to honor our veterans who protect us every day of the year. Our world is in so much turmoil; freedom depends on the  men and women who choose to serve our country in the armed forces. While it is good to focus on our Veterans that passed away this Veterans’ Day there are so many still fighting the fight and need our prayers.

I have a nephew who served in Desert Storm Iraq whom I am very proud of and the time he spent in the Marines I have a niece who served in the Air Force, she was also in Desert Storm and I am so proud of her too. I am among those who have no idea what  happens when the call comes to go to war, but I do know the feeling of terror that family members go through when a loved one has to go off to another country to fight and you don’t know if they are going to return home safely.    .

My heart goes out to the family’s left behind while their sons, daughters, fathers, brothers, mothers, spouses, go face the unknown in other countries, they live in fear for their loved ones safety every day.

Veterans Day




Thank you, to those who have family members who served and did not make it home to you. Thank you to those who are still among us may God richly bless you in your daily lives and keep you safe. To those fighting in foreign countries I pray for your safety, and for the ones that have served and are now returning to their lives here I pray for easy adaptation back into life here at home.