Leaky Roof

The wind was definitely blowing today, leaves were falling from trees and blowing everywhere .  The rain was coming down extremely hard making the ground soaked.  I don’t mind stormy weather normally, but, the roof in my living room has a leak.  As I sit here typing I have a couple of bowls sitting on my desk to catch the drips.

2014-11-07 03.59.10 2014-11-07 03.59.44


We had a roofer here last week to fix the leak, and he thought he got it fixed; but unfortunately with the rain coming down so hard it started leaking again. I had to give him a call and let him know about the leak.  He is going to return and fix it, but because the roof is steep and metal he wants to wait until we get a dry day to work on it.  My husband seems to think that may be springtime.  I sure hope he is wrong.

We live so far out in the country that it takes the roofer  about forty five minutes to get here and he wants to make sure he can get on the roof when he gets here.   He told me I may need to catch him if he falls, but I suggested we bring the trampoline around the house and he could just land on it.

I don’t want the ceiling falling before my husband gets the chance to replace the sheetrock.   He has all the materials bought to fix the inside ceiling, he just wants to make sure the leak is fixed before replacing the old one with the new one so he doesn’t have to do it again in a month or so.

So, here I sit typing away listening to the drips in the bowl next to me. At least I am grateful to have a roof over my head, and I can walk away from the leak.  There are other rooms that are nice and dry.

I hope everyone has a great day. Do something nice for someone today.