Love Your Life

Whether you live in the country or the city find something to make your life enjoyable. Time goes by so fast, and yesterday will never come around again. Live today with importance because today is all you have. Everyone has their battles to fight and win. You never fail as long as you keep up the good fight.




Keep Your Pets Warm

Oh, The weather out side is frightful…
Its early morning time to get breakfast for my husband so he can get off to work, our two dogs follow him when he steps out to warm up the car as they always do; Pepper the small black dog only stays out a couple of seconds and decided he needed inside where it was warm. This was quite unusual for him because, he is the one who stays outside with Steve while he starts the car, but not today, he is too smart for that. He doesn’t want to freeze his tail off.
Zephyr ever the loyal best friend did stay out till Steve came in but it was not more that ten minutes. They are both inside now sleeping on their rugs enjoying the warmth of the heater.
Please allow your pets in a warm environment whether in the garage or enclosed porch if they are not allowed inside your house, they are your pets because you care about them, care enough to keep them out of the cold. You wouldn’t let your child or grandchild to stay out in the elements so please do not let a pet you love stay out too long in the cold freezing weather.

Zephyr and Pepper are happy and warm inside by the heater away from the cold and your pets will be happy and make you happy too if you allow them to be inside where it is warm.