Real Estate as a New Career

I have recently received my license as a Real Estate Agent,  that is my New Career.  Rustic Borders has been a great place for a blog post where I have shared recipes and small stories about my life and adventures here on Langabeer rd, but, I am switching to a New Career in Real Estate so I will be posting about  houses and new relationships with both people who are looking to sell their homes and those that are looking to buy a new home.

Kathy 2017-4

I am meeting so many new people as I progress in this new career. Real Estate is something I have always wanted to pursue and I look forward to all the adventures that lie ahead.  I enjoy meeting new people and the excitement they get from purchasing their new home fills me with so much joy.

I have enjoyed posting all the memes and posters on here, and I will continue with some that touch my heart in the hope that they touch yours as well, I will also post homes that are beautiful, and hopefully some that are for sale also.


When someone has the opportunity to purchase their dream home I am hoping to do interviews with them and post their new home here.  This will be a great adventure everyday brings new knowledge and everyday I meet new people.

Dear Neighbor

If you are thinking of selling or buying a home, now is the time, prices are going up on homes, and the interest rates are still pretty low, so give me a call and we will get the ball rolling on your new adventure

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