The Giving Spirit

The true spirit of giving is when you never expect anything in return. Out of the abundance of the heart a person gives to another. That doesn’t say that you have a full pocket book with all the riches the world has to offer, it says out of love and charity you give. Your gift may be of your time or a simple smile someone is in need of, if you freely give of yourself you will never miss the gift.

And you will be making the world a better place to live in for you and all around you.





Children are most precious

I started this blog at the end of October and also started a fan page on FaceBook. I have posted many blogs and quite a few posts since then, however of all the writings so far one has stood out among people as far as how it was received. I am sure it is because it speaks to the hearts of people and I have decided to put it in a blog and see what our blogging community thinks of it and see what kind of feedback it gets.



It is interesting to me how far and wide this has gone, It has received a few comments about how children are not innocent, but for the most part the response has been in agreement with the poster. I would really like to hear from my fellow bloggers and see what your thoughts are on this, I am enjoying making the pictures with the sayings on them and am very curious why one goes viral and others just get five or six hundred reaches.

Learning a lot and your comments are always a big help.

Close Ancestors

Looking through old photos of family when we were young I decided to immortalize them on the internet. Not much to say about the pictures, some of my mom and dad, and some of my brother and sisters when we were younger, then a couple of me and my sisters now.

Hard to believe how fast the years have gone each have families of our own and both mom and dad have passed away. Even the youngest is now a grandparent. We were close as kids and even tho we have had our fights we remain close as adults.

Christmas Time is the most Beautiful Time

Life is full of hustle all the time, but at Christmas time it is more so. There are people everywhere; the spirit of Christmas is in the air and the many heartfelt good wishes from everyone all the time seems to make the air light up with wonder.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. There is such an air of giving and people have better attitudes they seem so much happier.

The beautiful lights and decorations are everywhere and it just so beautiful, it makes me want to hug everyone and tell them life is good and full of blessings. It is even fun to watch the kids change as they get older and go from being happy to play with the wrapping paper to wanting to be the one who passes out presents.

Time passes so fast, I love looking back at Christmas’s that have gone by and remembering the joy in the faces of the small children on Christmas.

At this time of year I wish for everyone a joyous Holiday and a Blessed time always.

This Old Barn

I have always loved old barns. I grew up in a small town, or perhaps you would call it a country side, there wasn’t much of a town a post office and a gas station. But the place me and my siblings would call home was the beautiful farm home of my aunt. I recall milking goats and watching others milk cows. There was a huge Barn there that had a loft in it and we used to stack hay bales and jump from the loft to the hay bales it was so entertaining, we never knew we were missing out on television or video games. Life was so much simpler then.

We moved into the place we live now around nine years ago. There was a beautiful barn on the property and I have to admit it was a large part of the attraction to the property.

Our Barn

Our Barn

Since we moved in, we have had a couple of real bad snow storms and this barn that has stood on this property for over one hundred years decided it had stood all the weather it could stand. First one side fell down the last year the entire front of the barn caved in. It is a very sad thing to see it go like it did, but, now I am making barn board signs and saving a piece of history. Our once majestic barn is now nothing but a huge pile of boards.

barn Boards

barn Boards

barn boards

barn boards

It would be interesting to see if it could be made into a pole barn of some kind; the large beams are still standing and intact. I miss the beautiful barn.

Heartwarming Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at our house is probably like it is everywhere, lots of food, family and football. We were fortunate to gather at our middle daughter’s home this year for the festivities. There was tons of food to eat including food for every pallet. Some family members are Vegan, and some need to eat sugar free.

I enjoyed cooking this year, I brought turkey, and however, no one wanted the traditional turkey this year so I bought a turkey and put the breast through the meat grinder and made a meatloaf from the breast meat. I removed the wings and legs along with the thighs and baked them separate. I cooked the caress with onions, celery and carrots to make a broth for the gravy. We brought mashed potatoes, both with sour cream and without for the vegans. Fruit salad and deviled eggs round out our contribution this year.

There was stuffed mushrooms with wild rice, and eggplant tort, two different mac and cheeses, a couple of green salad, and green beans. Of course pies for dessert. I can’t imagine anyone going away hungry, in fact, most went away without dessert.

We ended up taking two of my Grandsons home with us and the oldest said he was very disappointed with thanksgiving this year because he didn’t get any real turkey. I told him I had just the thing, I showed him the Turkey legs I had cooked and stored in the fridge. He was so happy; he finally got to have real turkey.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone got to enjoy their favorite food and beverages along with games and football.  Now that that is over we get to look forward to all the other holiday festivities coming our way.

Yard Bird story

Girls Christmas

Girls Christmas

Everyone in the Pacific North West has a story or two to tell about an icon named Yard Birds. It was a very large department store located in South West Washington. You could count on meeting your relatives and friends there whenever you went shopping. You were able to find anything and everything you were looking for and the staff was always helpful.

The story I have to tell is a personal one, when our daughter was young around four or five she loved to go in and out of the clothes racks. We got used to it and until she disappeared for more than a few minutes we never worried about it. Then we get a call over the loud speaker asking us to come upstairs to the customer service desk and pick up our daughter. Of course we are panicked and run to get to her thinking she would be scared and crying, but, no she was sitting in a chair eating a sucker and smiling, feeling just fine.

A couple of weeks later we were back at Yard Birds visiting with some friends, we had both daughters with us a four year old and two year old and the two year old had been safe in a stroller. We get a call over the loud speaker asking us to come up to customer service and pick up our two daughters. We run up the stairs afraid some customer had taken them, or thought our girls were lost, we get up there and we are so thankful the girls are OK, as we see both of them setting in chairs eating suckers. Turns out our older daughter was a little smarter than expected, she convinced our younger daughter she knew where to go to get a sucker and they ran up the stairs and told the receptionist they were lost and could they please have a sucker.

Bear In The Orchard



Bear in the Orchard

Bear in the Orchard

Looking out the back door I saw apples falling from a tree in the deepest part of the orchard. As I looked I saw a very large black bundle that looked like a bear, I called my husband to go check it out; what he found was a mamma bear and her three cubs. The cubs were up in the tree breaking branches and knocking apples to the ground while the mamma was just eating them as fast as they fell. While I am not afraid of most creatures of the woods, like deer, I kept my distance from the black bear and let my husband take the pictures.  He tried hard being  quiet as he could and got a few pictures before he got detected.
The mamma must have heard  or smelled  my husband because she lifted her head, looked around and took off toward the woods, she waited at the edge of the forest for her three cubs to catch up and they disappeared into the woods.